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How to Eat Black Cumin Seed - 7 Ways to Add this Healthy Supplement to Your Diet

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May 17, 2024 at 6:05:50 PM PDT May 17, 2024 at 6:05:50 PM PDTth, May 17, 2024 at 6:05:50 PM PDT

How Do You Consume Black Seed Oil

Black seed has been used since ancient times to help people achieve better overall health. While past consumption methods were limited by the processing technology of the time, today, black cumin seed is available in many different forms. You can find black seed in whole or ground-up form, as an oil, and in a tablet.

If you’re interested in learning how to eat black cumin seed, Amazing Herbs has the answers! Check out our top recommendations and discover how to consume black seed oil, powder, and more today!

1. In a Tablet

If you want your life to be as quick and easy as possible, the best way to eat black cumin is in supplement form. We offer both black seed oil soft gels and gummies for super convenient consumption. Simply follow the dosing instructions to take your black seed throughout the day.

Our soft gels are an average size, so swallowing them is easy, and our gummies come in a delicious citrus flavor that is tangy and sweet! How you eat black cumin seed as a tablet or a vegetarian capsule means you don’t have to worry about dealing with any odd flavors.

2. By the Teaspoon

If you’re not worried about flavor and you just want something that goes down quickly, taking black seed by the teaspoon might be a good solution for you. Black cumin seed oil does have a distinctive flavor, though! How you eat black cumin seed as an oil is by the teaspoon. Most of our dosage instructions recommend one teaspoon twice a day, so just pour and swallow like you would any liquid medication.

Please note that black seed is known for its bitter, nutty taste, so if you’re sensitive to food aromas and flavor, you might want to skip this one!

3. In Your Tea

If you don’t like tablets and you’re worried that black seed flavor is too overwhelming for you to take as an oil, there are more options! We make black seed herbal honey that’s both delicious and nutritious! To eat black cumin seed in honey, simply use it in place of any sweetener you would normally take in your tea to get the full benefits of this herb — along with a few more!

All of our herbal honeys are blends for specific effects. Choose from an energizing blend with ginseng and ginger, a soothing blend with chamomile and thyme, or an immunity blend with echinacea and garlic. Whichever herbs you choose, the honey flavor will disguise the taste of all the herbs while delivering potent benefits.

4. As a Rub

In addition to liquid consumption methods, you can also learn how to eat black cumin seed in granulated or ground-up form. If you enjoy a hint of nutty bitterness in your spice blends, we recommend you try our ground-up black seed in your meat rubs. Create a mix of salt, pepper, garlic, black seed, and paprika for a simple oven-baked chicken rub! Or, go for something a little bolder when you combine brown sugar, celery salt, pepper, black seed, and cayenne for your next BBQ rib creation!

5. In A Shake

Are you a shake-lover? If you start each day with your Green Machine smoothie or a protein shake, this is a great place for you to add a little bit of black seed to the mix! While black cumin seed does have a potent flavor, it’s easily disguised by banana, orange, peanut butter, honey, and other stronger foods.

You have two options for how to eat black cumin seed in a smoothie. If you like your smoothies with chia seeds or flaxseed, ground black seed could blend in really nicely. Prefer your drinks ultra smooth? Add black seed as an oil

6. As a Salad Dressing

If you love mixing up your own salad dressings every time you make lunch, black seed oil is a great addition here as well! Since the recommended dosage is typically a teaspoon twice per day, it’s the perfect size to add to the dressing of a medium-sized salad. For breakfast, you can add your teaspoon into a shake or tea, while for lunch, you drizzle it over your salad or blend it with a vinaigrette for a unique, layered dressing flavor.

This recommendation is for people who enjoy the bold taste of black seed. How you consume black seed oil in salad won’t hide the flavor as well as other foods with stronger flavors.

7. In Your Soup

Are you a big fan of soup season? Are you looking to mix up how you eat black cumin seed? Well, the next time the weather gets a little chilly, it might be time to throw some black seed powder or oil into your next soup, stew, or chili. We love putting black cumin seed in soup because it very easily masks the taste while adding layers of flavor to your next meal. Use black seed with the other herbs in your next stew to amp up the health benefits of oregano, rosemary, garlic, and thyme!

The Right Choice for You

There are a few differences in how you eat black cumin seed, depending on whether it’s an oil or a powder. Ground black seed has more fiber, and it’s more affordable, but the thymoquinone isn’t as concentrated and absorption rates are a little lower than in black seed oil. If potency is the deciding factor for you, black seed oil should be your top choice. However, if you want more fiber, as well as a little more versatility in adding black seed to savory foods, ground black seed is right for you.

Whatever you prefer, how you consume black seed oil, powder, whole seeds, and gummies is totally up to you. Experiment with a few different methods, and let us know which one is your favorite! Shop our products today at Amazing Herbs to discover all your options.