Black Seed: The Ancient Healer

Black Seed Oil is truly an ancient healer. The immunity-boosting and overall health-improving properties of Black Seed have been used for centuries throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Learn more about why you should choose Amazing Herb’s black seed oil products today!

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Black Seed Oil is Available in Many Forms

At Amazing Herbs, we offer our premium quality black seed oil in several forms to ensure we have the right product for you. We understand that not everyone enjoys the pungent flavor of pure Amazing Herbs black seed oil. If that is you, our softgels will be the ideal fit.

Authentic Products

We guarantee the origin and efficacy of our black seed oil products because we’re the original provider of this nutrient supplement. We’ve done our research and we know how to best formulate potent, effective black seed essentials that can help your overall health.

High Concentrations

You want your black seed supplements to contain as much thymoquinone and other bioactive compounds as possible. In our black seed products, you get five times as much thymoquinone as anyone else. You’ll also get high concentrations of garlic, ginger, fennel, and other synergistic herbs.

Unique Blends

Not everyone blends black seed oil with other herbs to create combinations that target your unique needs. However, at Amazing Herbs, we’ve done our research and we know which other natural ingredients enhance the effects of black seed to improve vital body functions. Explore other formulations to find what you need.

Independent Testing

Nothing leaves our manufacturing floor without undergoing intensive quality control. In addition to our rigorous standards that meet and exceed FDA requirements, we also put all our products through third-party testing to get an unbiased assessment of the safety and potency of our supplements.

Pioneers of Black Seed Oil Supplements

Established over three decades ago, Amazing Herbs is the original manufacturer of Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) Seed Health and Nutritional supplements in the world. Our Premium Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil is manufactured in our FDA-registered and inspected facilities in the USA in Buford, GA, using the highest quality, non-GMO, organically grown, pesticide-free, and non-irradiated Nigella sativa seeds sourced directly from farms in Turkey and Egypt.

Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil is based on research that goes as far back as the 1950s, in America, Europe, and Africa. As one of the first nutraceutical companies to introduce this supplement to the health and nutrition industry in the United States, Amazing Herbs has been a vital promoter of the health benefits of this remarkable oil. It is a proud sponsor of the American Botanical Council's Adopt-An-Herb Program for Black Seed.

Amazing Herbs 一 The Black Seed Experts™

Amazing Herbs specifically sources all our black seeds from Turkey. Compared to black seeds grown in other countries, Turkish black seeds naturally contain the highest amount of thymoquinone (TQ). These seeds are specifically grown for us to manufacture all Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil health and nutrition products. Our 5XTQ trademarked moniker is applied to all of our Premium Black Seed Oil supplements.

Our unique oil extraction process ensures that all of the naturally occurring antioxidants and higher levels of nutrients are retained in the cold-pressed Black Seed Oil. Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil is 100% pure, all-natural, and made without any preservatives or adulterants. Our Turkish Nigella sativa seeds are non-genetically modified, are not irradiated, and are specifically grown for Amazing Herbs.

What Are People Saying?

You don’t have to be the first to try black seed products from Amazing Herbs! Plenty of other customers have had great experiences with our supplements. Discover what they have to say about using black seed here.

For Your Hair

Want to grow long, luscious locks rich with a glorious natural shine? Use Black Seed Oil directly on your hair, ingest it, or try one of our dedicated haircare products.

For Your Joints

Aching joints? Stiff in the mornings? Soothe your tired body with Premium Black Seed to help reduce inflammation and promote the natural healing process.

For Your Digestion

Tummy troubles? Try Premium Black Seed Oil supplements to reduce bloating, soothe indigestion, and promote healthy functions.

For Your Pet

Help your pet stay in tip-top shape with black Seed nutritional supplements for your dog to ensure they have shiny coats and healthy joints.

Black Seed Blog

We have a lot to teach you about the origins and effects of black seed products. Check out our blog to learn more about this supplement, as well as other herbal remedies that can enhance your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to black seed oil products, you might have a few questions. Check out the answers to the most frequent concerns here.

Can you take black seed every day?

As long as you stay within the recommended dosage, you can take black seed supplements every single day. This goes for soft gels, oil, ground black seed, and all other forms. If you have any concerns, talk to your doctor before adding it to your daily regimen.

When should you take black seed supplements?

You can take your black seed products at any time during the day. However, you should follow all instructions and guidelines on the container to ensure the best effects. Each form of black seed will have slightly different dosages and instructions.

What’s the best way to take black seed supplements?

The answer here truly depends on you. While ground black seed may have the highest thymoquinone content, it also has the strongest flavor, so if that’s an issue for you, stick with soft gels. If you like the flavor, you can go with black seed oil and use it in your smoothies and salads. It’s all up to you!

Who should NOT take black seed?

While black seed does not have any known side effects, there are some contraindications for pregnant people, nursing women, children, and those with severe medical conditions. If you are on other medications, speak to your doctor before starting this supplement.

About Amazing Herbs

Black Seed Pioneers: Established over three-decades ago, Amazing Herbs is the 'original' manufacturer of Black (Cumin) Seed Health and Nutritional supplements in the world. Our Premium Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil is manufactured in our facilities in Buford, GA, using the highest quality, non-gmo, organically-grown, pesticide-free and non-irradiated Nigella Sativa seeds sourced directly from farms in Turkey and Egypt.