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History of Black Seed

For over 2000 years, black seed oil has been known to help with various ailments. It is even said to have been found in King Tutankhamun's tomb, dug out from the pyramids of Egypt. To this day, black seed oil capsule benefits include soothing gastric upset, joint pain, and skin-related problems. If you suffer from any of these ailments, our black cumin seed oil capsules might work wonders for you. Try it today!


In a time when pharmaceutical medicines are often prioritized over natural remedies, it’s good to remember you have options. Potent and convenient, our black seed capsules are easy to consume. Give your immune system a boost and improve your overall wellness with this potent formulation of black seeds. (Always talk to your doctor before stopping medications.)

Breathe Easy

Black seed oil may also be used to promote respiratory health. A stronger respiratory system contributes to a healthier lifestyle and enables you to be more active throughout the day. Not to mention, nearly everything our body does relies on plenty of fresh oxygen, so support this important system today.

Choose Amazing Herbs

As a family-owned company that led the black seed revolution in the US, Amazing Herbs has the knowledge and experience to assure you they’re offering only premium black seed capsules. Our team is happy to answer your questions, just ask! Shop today and get super fast shipping!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our black cumin seed oil capsules? Check out our answers to the most common concerns today.

Is there anything you shouldn’t take with black seed capsules?

While black seed oil doesn’t typically have any side effects, you should not take it if you’re also taking anti-clotting medications, as it may increase your risk for bleeding and bruising. If you suffer from any serious medical conditions, talk to your doctor before starting black seed products.

Can you take black cumin seed capsules every day?

You can take black seed oil, powder, and capsules in small amounts every day. However, if you’re taking larger doses, you should not continue usage for more than three months without consulting with your doctor.

What are some of the top black seed oil capsule benefits?

Some of the most common uses for black seed capsules include inflammation and immune support, allergy and respiratory support, cardiovascular support, and digestive support. Filter our products by your specific health concern to find our recommendations.

What’s the recommended dosage for black cumin seed capsules?

Each one of our products has a different dosage, depending on the blend of ingredients and unique formulation. Please make sure to thoroughly read all the instructions before consuming any black seed product to ensure you understand the best ways to use black seed capsules.