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Fruit and Plant Based Multi
Multi-Veg is an all vegetarian multi-vitamin, mineral, and fruit and vegetable complex for Adults designed to support health and supplement the individual’s diet and exercise program with key nutrients that they may not consume through diet alone. Its formulated to provide the body with key nutrients needed for proper metabolism, boost immune system and promote general health.
Three (3) tablets a day or as directed by a physician.
Vitamin A 5000IU; Beta Carotene 1000IU; Vitamin C 500mg; Vitamin E 200IU; Vitamin B-1 20mg; Vitamin B=2 30mg; Niacin 30mg; Pantothenic Acid 25mg; Vitamin B-6 200mg; Vitamin B-12 200mg; Biotin 75mg; Folic Acid 400mg; Calcium 200mg; Magnesium 125mg; Zinc 10mg; Copper 2mg; Vitamin D-2 400IU; Freeze Dried Parsley 60mg; Calcium D 30mg; Chromium 200mg; Chromium (Citrate) 200mg; Allicin 300mg; odorless garlic 100mg; Polyphenol Catechine 10mg; green tea extract 30mg; Licorice root 30mg; Freeze dried tomatoes 100mg; Choline 25mg; Inositol 30mg; Molybdenium 100mg; Iodine(from kelp) 150mg; Selenium 50 mg; Boron(potassium berate) 3mg; Silica(colloidal silica) 10mg; Organic Horsetail 225mg; Vitamin K-1 50 mg; Fructooligocaccharides200mg

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11/14/2013 12:00:00 am

Multi-Veg Vegetarian Daily Vitamin

by Michael -

I'm not a vegetarian but I thought, what could it hurt lol. Without changing my eating habits I do notice a significant weight drop after 4 weeks, 2 pills a day, morning and evening.