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What is Tongkat Ali?

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Yasmin Goreja
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July 7, 2022 at 12:10:29 PM PDT July 7, 2022 at 12:10:29 PM PDTth, July 7, 2022 at 12:10:29 PM PDT

What is tongkat ali? Tongkat ali is a natural remedy that has been used by herbal naturopaths for centuries. It comes from the Eurycoma longifolia tree, a shrub-like plant native to South Asia, and it can be found indigenously across Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Its name literally means ‘Ali’s walking stick’ in reference to its effects on virility.

The modern medicinal usages are numerous, including sexual dysfunction, anxiety relief, and immune system support. If you’re curious about what tongkat ali is, we’re sharing a brief history of it as well as its function in natural medicine below to show you what tongkat ali does and why you should be paying attention.

What is Tongkat Ali?

In Asia, tongkat ali is well known as a remedy for erectile dysfunction, as well as a preventative malaria treatment. It’s likely that its many health benefits stem from the plant’s unique composition, which includes a variety of alkaloids, steroids, and quassinoids, which have been shown to have promising biological effects. The plant is also considered to be an adaptogen—an herb that helps the human body adapt to different kinds of stress.

In modern times, you can find tongkat ali in pill forms, powder forms, or served as an extract in herbal drinks.

What Does Tongkat Ali Do? 

Tongkat ali has a variety of medicinal uses and research shows it may increase male fertility and muscle mass in those that regularly consume it.

Improves Male Libido

Any answer to ‘what is tongkat ali?’ normally begins on the topic of male libido, and for good reason. Research suggests that tongkat ali possesses the potential to increase testosterone. Low levels of this hormone can cause low libido, decreased virility, and other adverse effects in men.

In one study, 76 older men were instructed to take 200 mg of tongkat extract daily. At the end of the research period, hormone levels had returned to normal in nearly 95% of participants. It is also suggested that the plant may improve the amount of sperm produced, therefore boosting male fertility.

Essentially, this means that tongkat ali can be a great choice for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, and other sexual health issues. What tongkat ali does here is activate certain luteinising hormones present in the sexual organs with its eurycomanone compounds. Once activated, these hormones are responsible for stimulating testicular cells that, in turn, promote libido and sexual health.

What is special about tongkat ali is that it doesn’t just boost testosterone and libido in men, it also makes sexual intercourse more enjoyable, just like popular ED capsules. This makes it a suitable choice for long-term consumption, particularly for men who are suffering from an androgen deficiency, characterized by a consistently low level of sex hormones. If you’re looking for an alternative to expensive synthetic options, tongkat ali might be the right choice.

The sexual health benefits of tongkat ali aren’t limited to men. The hormone-balancing effects of tongkat ali are also immensely beneficial for women that might be suffering from brain fog and fatigue due to a hormonal imbalance. In fact, hitting that ideal balance can also play a key role in slowing down weight gain and even boosting the consumer’s overall sex drive and sensitivity.

It’s worth keeping in mind that tongkat ali isn’t a catch-all cure for ED, since sexual health complications can have a range of different causes, and your mileage will differ depending on what is causing your condition.

A Natural Stress-Buster

After knowing what tongkat ali is, it may come as no surprise that tongkat ali also reduces stress hormones in humans, working to decrease anxiety, improve mood, and combat depression in those that take it regularly. One study followed 63 adults who reported higher-than-average stress levels. They were instructed to take 200 mg of tongkat ali extract a day and found reduced levels of cortisol by the end of the study, suggesting that the herb may have played a role in reducing stress and other negative emotions in participants–similar to Egyptian black seed oil.

This is why knowing what tongkat ali does can be an invaluable tool if you are someone who leads a hectic modern lifestyle. Constantly staying on the move from work to home and having irregular working hours can naturally boost cortisol quantities to unacceptable levels. Experts generally recommend a consistent diet and exercise regime to combat lifestyle stress, but getting in the prescribed amount of exercise can often be an unrealistic goal for many people.

This is what makes tongkat ali so effective as a remedy for stressful lifestyles. Whether you’re taking it in powdered form or as a liquid extract, this powerful natural compound works to undo some of that damage dealt by your hectic routine. While it’s still no substitute for great exercise and healthy food, it can certainly provide a bit of relief when times get tough.

Boosts Muscle Mass

Finally, many studies have also documented tongkat ali’s ability to increase muscle mass. This unique quality is primarily attributed to quassinoids, a unique compound that is found in the root of the E. longifolia plant. What tongkat ali does is stimulate these quassinoids to improve muscle functioning. Research suggests that this may help the human body boost metabolism, reduce stress and fatigue in muscles, and improve overall endurance.

As awareness of tongkat ali grows throughout the fitness community, so too is its popularity. Trainers and competitive lifters throughout the world are paying attention to the benefits of this natural compound due to its competitive price point and the many ways in which it can be consumed.

A notable strength of tongkat ali is its versatility. It can be used both as a pre-workout and a post-workout by athletes of varying physiologies. Since tongkat ali is an adaptogen, a substance known to boost resistance to physical stress, it is more popular as a pre-workout as it enables athletes to train for longer durations without tapping out. That said, you can also take it as a post-workout to speed up muscle recovery and growth, making it a great supplement for weight loss.

It’s worth pointing out that the testosterone-boosting effects of tongkat ali can be massively beneficial for muscle mass as well. Testosterone count is a key determinant of muscle growth and size. As revealed by a famous study, elevating your testosterone levels is a great way to maximize each workout and get your body prepared for the next one.

Better Bone Health

What is tongkat ali’s sneakiest benefit? Bone health. Studies show that consistently taking tongkat ali supplements can promote higher bone density and health. What tongkat ali does here is particularly beneficial for aging people, as their bones tend to lose density over time.

This compound’s testosterone boost is partly responsible for improving bone health, as it has been shown to slow down losses in density.

Notably, tongkat ali also helps bone density through another mechanism known as osteoblasts. Once inside your bloodstream, this herb promotes certain mitogenic proteins which in turn work to promote osteoblast growth. Bone tissues are composed of these osteoblasts, and their numbers tend to twindle naturally over time due to both nutritional deficiencies as well as age.

Naturally, a compound that is so effective at maintaining bone health is bound to have an impact on your overall health. There is also evidence pointing to the anti-inflammatory properties of tongkat ali, making it a safe bet if you are looking for something that reduces body pain and cleanses internal impurities. Additionally, this compound is also useful in promoting better heart health by steadily lowering cholesterol levels.

Is Tongkat Ali Safe?

As with all things in moderation, yes! Tongkat ali can potentially be toxic if taken in abnormally high doses, but it is completely safe if you are staying within a range recommended by experts. If you know what tongkat ali is and what its limits are, you should be fine taking it. What tongkat ali does for boosting hormone levels is well-known, but people suffering from hormonal conditions should still check with a physician to ensure the best results.

Where Can You Purchase Tongkat Ali?

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