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Healthy New Year Resolutions

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February 16, 2024 at 8:53:13 PM PST February 16, 2024 at 8:53:13 PM PSTth, February 16, 2024 at 8:53:13 PM PST

You might be thinking that we’re not at the end of the year yet, and you don’t have to be wondering about New Year’s Resolutions already, but reaching your goals is an ongoing effort that you should be striving for all the time. Whether you’re planning your healthy New Year’s resolution list or you’re just trying to maintain and achieve your goals right now, this blog can help you figure some things out.

Learn how to follow the SMART method and why the techniques in this unique goal-setting solution may help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. A healthy New Year is possible when you make SMART goals. Start today!

What Is SMART?

SMART is an acronym that helps you remember how to best define your goals. It stands for:

  • S is specific
  • M is measurable
  • A is achievable
  • R is relevant
  • T is time-bound

Every goal you set must meet each one of these metrics to ensure you’re eliminating guesswork and generalities. SMART makes your goals easier to achieve and sets a real framework for you to follow for a healthy New Year.

An example of a SMART statement might look something like this:

My goal is to lose 15 lbs. by the end of June. I will accomplish this goal by watching my portions, cutting down on sweets, and taking health supplements.

So what are your goals for a healthy New Year? Follow the SMART breakdown below to refine them into achievable resolutions for success!


For your goal-setting to be effective, you need to be as specific as possible. Ask yourself some questions to narrow down the actual goal. Don’t be afraid to make your goal smaller in order to answer these basic questions:

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Who is responsible for the goal you’re trying to achieve?
  • What are the steps you must complete to achieve it?

Thinking about these questions helps you get to the heart of your goal and shows you the path you need to take to achieve it. You may also discover some surprising answers about what you need to do and who you need to involve to get your resolution done.

If you have a healthy New Year’s resolution that’s still a little too general, like eating healthier or exercising more, narrow it down further. How do you eat healthier? Are you going to add specific vegetables to your diet? Are you cutting out sugar? Are you trying to lose weight? How many times a week do you want to exercise? For how long are you going to institute this new workout regimen? What’s stopping you from exercising? Are you too tired or in too much pain?

The deeper you dive into how to accomplish your healthy New Year, the better prepared you’ll be to keep your motivation going strong.


Quantifying your goals is the next step to achieving a healthy New Year. It also makes it easier to track your progress and celebrate the milestones you’ve set for yourself along the way. Having these milestones is essential to maintaining motivation!

Having a time limit also keeps you accountable and shows you when something isn’t working. If you haven’t achieved your goal by the time limit, you may need to examine your methods to see where you can improve.


This step of your healthy New Year’s resolution process should give you a reality check. Are you actually able to accomplish the goal that you’ve set for yourself in the time period you want? Don’t set a goal you’ll never be able to achieve, or you may find yourself more frustrated, unmotivated, and depressed in the coming year and end up giving up on all your goals.


Now, it’s time to look at the big picture. Why are you setting this healthy New Year’s resolution? What does it mean for your life, and how will you stay motivated in cases where your goal doesn’t seem as important to you as other events or responsibilities?


There should be a time constraint on your goals because it provides you an end-point to celebrate your achievement. This is especially important if your goal is a life-long commitment. If you’re striving to improve your cardiovascular health, you might start by taking supplements for a few months to strengthen your heart before moving on to your next goal, like running five miles in under an hour by the end of the year.

After you’ve achieved your healthy New Year’s goals, you can set yourself new ones — even if you’re only halfway through the year. Maybe your next goal should be running a half marathon or completing a long-distance hike. Consider all steps in your goal and see which ones are achievable this year. Tougher goals can wait until next year as you grow and progress!

We Can Help

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Explore our full range of products to find detox solutions, beauty regimen supplements, and so much more. And make sure to check out our blog for more ideas on how to make a healthy New Year your priority! We provide reference guides and herbal breakdowns to give you natural remedies for your most important health needs.