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7 Ways Honey Supplements Can Help Your Health

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Yasmin Goreja
Published on
December 7, 2022 at 11:49:00 AM PST December 7, 2022 at 11:49:00 AM PSTth, December 7, 2022 at 11:49:00 AM PST

This substance is one of nature’s most potent gifts. From its rich and decadent flavor to the lesser-known benefits of eating honey, getting a consistent amount of this compound in your diet can help you transform your lifestyle for the better. Follow this guide to kickstart your journey with honey supplements, and discover what they can do for your health.

1. Better Digestive Health

Honey is loaded with multiple minerals and enzymes that actively aid in strengthening your digestive system. These enzymes, such as methylglyoxal, are crucial for ensuring that every element of your digestive system stays in top form–from your digestive tract to the lining that surrounds your pancreas.

For example, the enzymes in honey serve as catalysts during digestion, helping your body break down complex carbohydrates and sugars. In effect, this can also reduce the chances of stomach issues like constipation and diarrhea. Honey supplements can also promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria that are necessary for the long-term functioning of the digestive tract.

2. Free Radical Protection

Free radical protection is one of the main considerations when discussing the benefits of eating honey. Free radicals are harmful foreign pathogens that invade your body through exposure to pollution and processed foods. These agents are known to attack healthy cells through oxidative stress, and can potentially cause cells to age faster, and even bring on inflammatory diseases.

One of the more well-known advantages of honey supplements is their anti-oxidative nature. Even a dollop of honey can boost cell health and protect against free radical degeneration. If you’re struggling to incorporate honey into your fast-paced lifestyle, consider using a HoneyZest supplement instead. 

3. Skin and Nail Health

Dry hair and skin are two problems that always plague people engaged in constant travel and work. Exposure to polluted air can damage your skin over time, and sap the moisture from your hair.

While the benefits of eating honey are plentiful, it’s also worth taking a look at its topical applications. For instance, honey can reverse those drying environmental effects with its humectant properties. A popular skincare tip is to use honey-based soap daily to reinfuse moisture into your skin after a long day out. If you’re worried about dry hair, there are also tons of honey shampoo options that can soothe and hydrate dried hair. 

4. A Healthier Sweetener

The dangers of processed sugars are more than clear at this point, and with the way most grocery store aisles are lined with processed products, a suitable alternative can be tough to find. 

Honey supplements can offer a way out for people looking to switch to an alternative sweetener. While it’s worth mentioning that honey isn’t exactly considered to be an alternative to sugar for diabetics, it is certainly a worthy replacement for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. One benefit of eating honey that draws most people in is the fact that its sweetness comes from fructose rather than glucose.

Fructose ranks significantly lower on the glycemic index than the sucrose and glucose found in processed sugars. In effect, you can essentially achieve the same amount of sweetness while still retaining the health perks that come with honey. Keep in mind that natural honey can be consumed in several creative ways, such as through energizing straws that are edible on the go.

5. Honey For Oral Health

Honey might not be at the top of your list when you think of oral health remedies, but this substance can noticeably improve your quality of life. Those suffering from oral conditions like plaque buildup will want to know about the benefits of eating honey for oral health.

Honey contains natural antibacterial properties, allowing it to fight off periodontal diseases and buildup. The calcium and phosphorus concentration in certain types of honey supplements can also go a long way in fighting cavities. Additionally, those anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties can be a boon for those suffering from a sore throat or cough. 

It’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily have to consume honey in its raw form to enjoy the antibacterial perks. Immune-boosting HoneyZest straws, for example, can provide consumers with all the benefits of eating honey in a more convenient form.

6. Antiseptic Benefits

Antibacterial properties aren’t just great for oral health, they can also work wonders for your overall health. For example, honey can be applied topically to the skin to speed up the healing of wounds and burns, acting as a barrier between the dressing and preventing germs and other pathogens from entering.

Suffering from excess mucus? Honey can help with that too. There is evidence to show that a single helping of honey can thin out and even reduce mucus secretion, particularly when consumed with lemon. 

7. It’s Great For Your Blood

One benefit of eating honey that often flies under the radar is that it has the power to impact your red blood cell count. Honey supplements can raise hemoglobin levels in the blood, potentially relieving anemic symptoms associated with iron deficiencies. 

Sweeten Your Lifestyle

High-quality supplements can easily alleviate numerous symptoms associated with free radical damage and bacterial infections. If you’re interested in the benefits of eating honey and struggling to find a reliable source of supplementation, check out Amazing Herbs! As a GMP-certified and family-owned business, Amazing Herbs has helped numerous customers transform their lifestyles with black seed oil and other healthy supplements. 

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