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Black Seed: The Miracle Herb of the Century

That may sound like an exaggeration, but in fact, history shows us that this extraordinary herb may just be the primary health-bolstering agent of the millennium.

Black Seed or “blessed seed” has been in existence for over a thousand years and has been used by millions of people throughout the ages. Black Seed is mentioned in the Old Testament in the Book of Isaiah and also in Islamic literature. The Latin botanical name is “Nigella Sativa.” Nigella Sativa is a member of the Ranunculacae family.

In Egyptian society, the rich golden oil pressed from the Black Seed was named “Pharaoh’s Oil.” The people in this civilization used this oil as an external application to nourish the skin. The Pharaoh’s personal physician is said to have carried around a bowl of Black Seed to aid digestion. The Black Seed was so treasured that King Tutenkhamun chose to be buried with a bottle of it.

Over the last five decades, there have been hundreds of studies on Black Seed alone or combined with other botanicals which have shown remarkable results. A recent search on Medline for “Nigella Sativa” (the botanical name of Black Seed) resulted in over 500 studies and research projects.

Remarkably, Black Seed contains over 100 components, of which only sixty-nine of which have been identified. Research has shown that this complex interaction of over 100 components gives Black Seed tremendous power to support the immune system and strengthen the body’s constitution in a way no single substance has ever been known to accomplish.

This means that Black Seed is useful against a vast array of complaints from those caused by bacteria or viruses, to common allergies. In the coming years, additional studies may show exciting new applications of Black Seed.

Amazing Herbs Nutraceuticals is one of the first companies in the US to manufacture and distributed a complete line of nutritional supplements made with the remarkable Black Seed and Black Seed Oil.

The product line consists of cold-pressed Black Seed oil, Black Seed oil softgel capsules, as well as Black Seed capsules made with variety of synergistic herbs such as Garlic, Ginger, Fenugreek, and Olive Leaf just to name a few.

The five major components that are found in Amazing Herbs Black Seed are:

  • Nigellin and Melanthin- promotes intestinal cleansing.
  • Sterols- Supports secretion throughout the body.
  • Nigellone and Thymoquinone- These two volatile oils have anti-spasmodic and broncho-dialating properties. Additionally, they work as an antihistamine.
  • Essential Fatty Acids - Rich in supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids. They regulate metabolism, carry toxins to the skin for elimination, support insulin levels, cholesterol, blood circulation and liver functions.
  • Prostglandin- Produces E1 that regulates hormone secretion and blood pressure.