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Black Seed Oil For Weight Loss

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Yasmin Goreja
Published on
November 13, 2022 at 11:16:00 PM PST November 13, 2022 at 11:16:00 PM PSTth, November 13, 2022 at 11:16:00 PM PST

From green tea to apple cider vinegar and chia seeds, people are always looking for the next great supplement that will help them lose weight quickly and conveniently. With all of its benefits for cardiovascular health, overall vitality, and skin care, many have been wondering how to use black seed oil for weight loss. While the answer might not be quite so simple, black seed oil can help with weight loss in certain scenarios, here’s how.

What is it?

Black seed oil is derived from the plant Nigella sativa and can be used in many forms, whether that’s a capsule or even soap. The oil is normally cold-pressed to maximize the benefits offered by the seeds. Black seed has a rich history as a herbal remedy used to alleviate various illnesses, and ongoing scientific research also reveals promising results in certain areas. The question to be answered is: how can the herb’s famous antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties help with weight loss?

Black Seed Oil and Weight Loss

As with most things when it comes to health, black seed oil is certainly not a miracle cure for every cause of obesity or weight gain. That said, black seed oil can be effective in some scenarios due to its unique assortment of natural compounds.

Insulin Regulation

Diabetes is a leading cause of obesity and can make managing weight incredibly difficult for most people, whether that’s Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. There’s a ton of literature on herbal remedies that can counter the effects of diabetes, and black seed oil has garnered a significant amount of attention for its ability to assist in weight loss management for diabetics. If recent research is anything to go by, you might want to know more about how to use black seed oil for weight loss.

Some of these studies into black seed oil for weight loss and diabetes have indicated that the oil can be quite effective at boosting insulin production and even decreasing blood glucose levels. Not only can this assist in alleviating painful diabetes symptoms, but it also indirectly helps in weight loss by reducing cravings. If you’re struggling to maintain a consistent diet along with a strict regimen of exercise, supplementing with black seed could potentially help you stick to your new plan by maintaining a caloric deficit. Certain formulations even combine black seed oil with bitter melon for enhanced insulin management.

While studies have been promising so far, clinical trials are still ongoing. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and are looking to manage your weight, consult your physician before adding black seed oil to your daily routine.

Increased Vitality

Black seed oil contains thymoquinone and beta-sitosterol, among other compounds. These active ingredients have antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties which make black seed oil useful for weight loss. While antioxidants don’t directly spur weight loss, they can help regulate your metabolic processes and limit the damage done to your body by pollutants and free radicals. 

If you’re already on a diet and you’re not sure how to use black seed oil for weight loss, keep in mind that a faster metabolism will help you lose weight at a quicker rate. Combined with antioxidants and an assortment of vitamins, black seed oil supplements can help you maintain your weight and avoid slumping back into bad eating habits. 

A Miracle Cure?

Similar to any other supplement, weight loss with black seed oil isn’t going to be a guarantee. Remember that weight loss is ultimately going to be the result of your lifestyle, including your choice of diet and the amount of physical activity that you can fit into your daily schedule. 

Black seed oil can help you switch to a better lifestyle by tempering cravings and maintaining cell integrity, but whether or not you lose weight depends on how well you can maintain a caloric deficit (fewer calories in, more calories out.) If you’re wondering how to properly use black seed oil for weight loss, you should ideally just use it as a supplement to a fiber and protein-rich diet, while staying away from refined sugars. Fiber-dense foods will keep you full for longer periods and you should see results with some consistency.

There are multiple ways to use black seed oil for weight loss. You can directly apply the oil to your skin with a black seed bottle, or even use a whole seed jar for added flexibility. This is particularly useful if you don’t have the time to apply the oil every day. Just add the seeds to a protein shake before your workout, and you’re good to go. 

Weight Loss Management, Simplified

Knowing how to use black seed oil for weight loss can make reaching your personal goals easier. No matter the type of supplement you go with, how consistent you are with your lifestyle will determine the final result. If you’re having trouble sourcing a supplement that works for you, visit Amazing Herbs for a variety of potent black seed oil products powered by all-natural Turkish oil.

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