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Joint K+Plus

Joint K+Plus


Advance Nutrients for Health Joints and Improved Flexibility

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Amazing Herbs
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Joint K+Plus


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30 Tablets - Advanced formula with MSM, Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, Shark Cartilage, Green Lipped Sea Mussel, L-Histidine, and Boron

JOINT K+PLUS™ combines seven potent ingredients in one formula to help the body enhance its ability to repair and restore health to the cartilage and surrounding tissues in the joints.

The overall framework of cartilage is made largely of the protein "collagen." Within the network of collage fibers are large molecules called "proteoglycans" that act as water magnets for the "synovial fluid." Synovial fluid helps creat a "spongy" cushion in and around the cartilage serving to protect the joint. Scattered throughout the cartilage are tiny factories called "chonodrocytes." The chondrocytes manufacture new supplies of collagen and proteoglycans for the cartilage. They also secrete enzymes necessary to rid the cartilage of worn-out tissue. However, disease or injury can impair this natural process causing debilitation of the afflicted joints, resulting in inflammation.

Joint Care Plus™ is designed to work within the cartilage matrix. Each of the seven nutrients is included because of its unique properties in supporting healthy joints.


• GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE: A long chain amino-sugar naturally occurring in cartilage. A major building block of proteoglycans and is used specifically to produce glycolsamineoglycans (GAG's). GAG's are proteins that bind water within the structure of cartilage. Glucosamine also stimulates the chondrocytes to produce more collagen and proteoglycans. *

• CHONDROITIN SULFATE: Like glucosamine, chondroitin is another of the mucopolysaccharides found in cartilage. Acting as a water magnet, chondroitin helps elevate the levels of synovial fluid in joint. Along with the water attracted by chondroitin are essential nutrients necessary for the health of the cartilage and joints. *
• GREEN LIPPED SEA MUSSEL: In addition to its rich stores of mucopolysaccharides, green lipped sea mussel contains high levels of “hyaluronic acid.” A major constituent of synovial fluid, hyaluronic acid serves as an effective lubricant for the joints. *

• MSM (METHYLSULFONYLMETHANE): An essential nutrient required by the body, MSM plays an important role in the production of collagen. Insufficient levels of MSM may lead to an inability of the body to repair or replace damaged tissue. MSM helps regulate fluid transfer in the tissue by keeping the cell walls flexible and permeable. *

• L-HISTIDINE: An important amino acid. Proper intake of l-histidine may prove beneficial in supporting joint health. *

• BORON: This important mineral is renowned for its role in general joint health.*

A special base of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients has been added to further enhance the active ingredients found in JOINT K+PLUS™

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